About Me



Bringing a little magic into the lives of my students every day!


I have been an educator in New York City for more than twenty years. I have worked as an elementary school teacher, a high school teacher, and a bilingual teacher. 

Working as an elementary school literacy coach and professional staff developer enabled me to work with a wide range of students over the years and allowed me to mentor teachers at different stages in their careers. 

My work continued at the high school level where I am a co-founder of a small, innovative high school. Here I've had the opportunity to serve as a Mathematics teacher, English teacher, ESL teacher, Art Teacher,  Special Education teacher, Assistant Principal, and Principal! 

I  currently work as a teacher and administrator in New York City and continue to wave my magic wand for one period each day when I teach high school students in my special education classroom. 


Max at his white board

I am a single mom to a wonderful 4 year old boy named Max. He is a curious  little boy he keeps me on my toes every minute of the day. He started reading at 3 years of age and just taught himself to tell time on a REAL CLOCK a few months ago!  He loves to buy used books at the public library for 25 cents and then donates them right back when he is finished so someone else can enjoy them  

He is too kind!

When I was young I had one of those wonderful mothers who would let me write all over my bedroom walls with chalk. I would play school for hours, writing furiously on the walls, as my Barbies and teddy bears sat silently at attention.  For my son, I painted a large wall right in the middle of our living room with clear chalkboard paint.  He, too, writes furiously, creating a new painting for our home each day. 

Oh, how i miss chalk!